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TSA invites you to participate in the Vancouver 2018 Symposium member’s juried exhibition of small works exploring the theme: Social Fabric - Deep Local/Pan Global. We are calling for a textile that is inspired by a specific landmark or textile related object from a museum or your local community.

We especially encourage collaborations between researchers/academics and makers. One of the collaborators must be a TSA member. In bringing the TSA membership together in this way, we hope to visually display the diversity of TSA’s broad cultural, geographic and theoretical reference points. 

Artists will submit one overall image and one detail of the final work as well as one image of and information about the inspirational object. This exhibit will be mounted on display panels for viewing in the a space in the Hotel, not in a gallery. Members of the TSA board and the Vancouver committee will jury the work. One roundtable of exhibition participants, selected by the jury, will be formed to discuss the process and works in the exhibition.

Finished work should measure 8”x10” (20x26 cm). If smaller, the work must be mounted on fabric measuring 8”x10”. Vertical or horizontal format is acceptable. All work must hang and each piece will be mounted with pins. Very thick or 3-dimensional work is not suitable. To ship, sandwich the work between two pieces of mat board. Indicate DO NOT BEND on the envelope.

Deadline for entries is April 1, 2018. Notifications of acceptance will be e-mailed by June 1. Accepted works must arrive by August 26, 2018. Accepted works must be received at the specified address by August 26, 2018. The artist or a designated TSA member must pick up the works at the conference site at the designated time on September 29.

Each entry and accepted work must be accompanied with a paragraph (150 words maximum) that describes the local significance of the site or specific object. Either collaborator, or both, may write this, but both names should accompany the entry. Include a photograph of the original object.

Even if you can’t make it to Vancouver, consider participating in the member’s exhibition.

If the final piece is not as represented in the submission photos, TSA has the right to refuse displaying the piece.

Please prepare the following for submission:

Members’ Exhibition title of work
Members’ Exhibition submission abstract (150 words or less)
Creator Bio (100 words or less)

Collaborator Bio (100 words or les)

Submissions are open to all TSA members. If you are not currently a member, please visit to join before completing your application.

Proposals from all textile-related disciplines and interdisciplinary areas are welcome,
 including but not limited to anthropology, archaeology, art, conservation, geography, design, economics, ethnic studies, history, linguistics, marketing, material culture studies, mathematics, science, political science, sociology, and theater, among others. We encourage the
global participation of scholars, researchers, artists, curators, museum professionals, students, and others.  

TSA is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all participants. As an organization, TSA honors the fundamental value and dignity of all our members. We strive to create and maintain an environment of scholarly exchange that respects diverse traditions, heritages, experiences, and ways of knowing.

If you have any questions about submitting, please contact