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Poster Sessions are held in a large space where all participants present a visual display (a poster) explaining their research. Standard size is 3’x4’. Posters may be between 3-5 feet on the shortest side and 4-7 feet on the longest size. 

Please prepare the following for submission:

Poster presentation title
Poster abstract (300 words or less)
Presenter Bio (100 words or less)

Submissions are open to all TSA members. If you are not currently a member, please visit www.textilesocietyofamerica.org/membership to join before completing your application. 

Students are encouraged to submit poster abstracts. Proposals from all textile-related disciplines and interdisciplinary areas are welcome, including but not limited to anthropology, archaeology, art, conservation, geography, design, economics, ethnic studies, history, linguistics, marketing, material culture studies, mathematics, science, political science, sociology, and theater, among others. We encourage the global participation of scholars, researchers, artists, curators, museum professionals, and others.

TSA is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all participants. As an organization, TSA honors the fundamental value and dignity of all our members. We strive to create and maintain an environment of scholarly exchange that respects diverse traditions, heritages, experiences, and ways of knowing.   

What is a Poster Session? Poster Sessions are held in a large space where all participants present a visual display (a poster) explaining their research. Posters are less formal than paper presentations, and are great opportunities for you to present your work, get feedback on your ideas, method and conclusions, and talk one on one with others about the work you are doing. Posters allow presenters to have more time with the audience and interact with numerous persons.  You can use a poster session to present and discuss a work-in-progress before developing final conclusions for presentation in a more formal paper session. Students are especially encouraged to submit a poster presentation. Poster session participants create a graphic presentation to be displayed, explained and discussed during the poster session. Posters can be large (as large as 5 x 7’ although 3 x 4’ is standard) and contain much less text that an oral paper. Most posters are on one page of paper. Some presenters create posters in pieces and assemble them at the conference. This can come in handy if you must travel a long distance to the conference as poster tubes can sometimes be tricky to handle. Need some help on developing your poster? The American Anthropological Association has this helpful document: http://aaanet.org/meetings/upload/How-to-Create-Anthropology-Posters.pdf

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